WeaponMechanics is the new age of weapons in Minecraft. The most advanced, efficient, and customizable guns plugin ever created. We maximized everything since we know every server wants a unique gun experience.

Creating/Modifying Configs

I recommend using VSCode when modifying .yml files (and other text-based files, like .json).

When creating a new weapon, copy and paste an existing weapon, then change/add config options. For example, if you want the gun to deal more damage, you should check out the Damage module. You can now adjust the numbers however you want using that wiki page.

Check out Weapon Modules for more information on creating weapons.


WeaponMechanics, its addons, and all our other plugins would not exist without some financial backing. Even if you cannot support me financially, please consider leaving a 5-star review. It attracts new people to buy my plugins, giving you more features. A win-win!

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